space Assignments - The last tents, Morocco 2016


The last tents, Morocco 2016

In total, 40 per cent of earth's surface consists of arid and semi-arid regions where livestock farming is the main
source of income. These areas support over a billion people worldwide. Over centuries, pastoral nomads have
developed a well-balanced system in harmony with the natural environment. They move their herds to wherever
the vegetation offers the best grazing at that time. A positive side effect of this mobility has been that parts of
the grazing land had time to recover. It is in this delicate eco-system that the effects of climate change are
visible. Rainfall fluctuations and increased droughts have reduced the availability of vegetation for livestock
herding. As a result, pastoral nomads worldwide are losing their livelihood, leading to poverty and famine.

To view the full (written) reportage about the effects of climate change towards nomadic groups in Morocco,
please click here.

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