150,- Euro (excl. shipping cost)
Limited Edition of 7/10, signed.
30x45cm, unframed.
Printed on Römerturm KOH-I-NOOR 300g Matte (100%cotton paper)
Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authencity, including edition number, title and signature.

Tigris Traces (Turkey, Dyarbakir 2015)

In 2015 I spend a year travelling across Turkey and Iran. Looking at photographs from this period, I now see clearly their authenticity, uniqueness and strength. At this point I didn’t  try to photograph in a certain fashion, much less producing images editors expect me to produce. I just photographed what felt close to me.

In Dyarbakir, one of the oldest cities in Turkey, I became friends with a group of fishermen. Each morning they set out on the Tigris. With the day slowly disappearing, I would stop by their shops. Sharing endless cups of tea, smiles and laughter.

Once they invited me for supper. Newspapers on the floor, fried fish, salt and lemon, tomato’s and bread. Nothing more given, nothing more needed.

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