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10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Afghan Women Association
Limited Edition of 10, signed.
30x45cm, unframed.
Printed on Römerturm KOH-I-NOOR 300g Matte (100%cotton paper)
Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authencity, including edition number, title and signature.

The Turkish Restaurant (Bagdad, Iraq 2019)

This photograph is from the first month of the social uprising  in Iraq known as Thwara Uktubar, which translates to October Revolution in 2019. At that point the demonstrations were lead by young Iraqis coming from all different social classes. They demanded work opportunities and an end of the corruption. Simply; a life in dignity. The pictured building is known in Bagdad as “Turkish Restaurant” (it was a famous restaurant in the 1980´s). Due to it´s important strategic location in central Bagdad, protesters occupied it and used it as headquarter.

This photograph reminds me on the positive energy from those early days of the protest. The air was crisped by the belief for a better future.

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