Postcards from Bagdad at Tarkib Bagdad Contemorary Arts Festival 2019

Following an invitation from Tarkib/Goethe Institut Vincent Haiges produced a body of work callles Postcards from Bagdad for the Tarkib Bagdad Contemporary Arts Festival 2019.

Baghdad Contemporary Arts Festival is Iraq’s only multi-disciplinary arts festival. The annually festival takes place on four days in April and connects audiences to the city’s contemporary and independent arts.

Every year the festival is launched in a different location. TARKIB breaks new ground by using non-traditional sites and spaces with the aim of bringing both audiences and artists together to engage with the city of Baghdad in a new way.

The festival features musical interventions, contemporary Iraqi poetry, theater performances, talent shows and Open Projector Nights showcasing experimental and short films by young Iraqi filmmakers.

Learn more about Tarkib: https://tarkib.net

Postcards from Bagdad: https://vincenthaiges.com/project/postcards-from-bagdad/